Dispute Resolution

Hatch Consulting’s dispute resolution services are designed to help you navigate construction disputes with confidence and achieve equitable resolutions.

We understand disputes can arise at any stage of a construction project, and lengthy and expensive court cases are the last thing you want to deal with.

Our dedicated team stands by your side, providing comprehensive support throughout the dispute resolution process so you understand your rights, obligations and options. With our in-depth knowledge of construction contracts and industry practices, we can help you develop sound strategies, negotiate effectively and reach fair and amicable resolutions.

Safeguard your project’s success with Hatch Consulting.

  • Support with dispute resolution
  • Independent variation assessments
  • Payment claim certifications
  • Independent advisory
  • Practical solutions to project or company challenges

Independent Advice

Our independent advisory services are geared towards finding practical solutions to challenges that may arise during the construction process.

Dispute Resolution

Hatch Consulting brings a balanced perspective and negotiation expertise to ensure fair and impartial resolutions are reached in a timely manner.

Avoiding Conflict

When you work with us from the outset, we can predict potential conflicts and craft comprehensive contracts to avoid disputes.

Providing practical and professional advice

Our expertise makes us the perfect partner for your next project.


Other Services We Offer