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Connecting the dots between your business priorities and cost management.

Hatch Consulting helps major project teams understand the true costs of a project, and how to meet their goals through the clear lens of a well-planned budget.

Hatch is like no other cost consultant firm in New Zealand. It takes a very hands-on approach to deeply understand your project from the ground up and provide practical, achievable deliverables to bring your project to life.

Based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, the team of five quantity surveyors and consultants has the tools to make your project succeed. They bring on-the-ground, practical experience across global and national infrastructure, energy and architectural projects.

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Meet Our Director

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“We like to keep our projects personal; you’ll regularly see us in the office and onsite, working together.”

Jo Hatchman

Hatch Consulting Director Jo Hatchman is a highly-experienced quantity surveyor who has worked on major projects onsite across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, including the Tate Britain Art Museum and Heathrow Airport VIP Lounges.

Her approach is backed by practical commercial and project management on major construction sites. Jo’s straight-talking approach simplifies language so it’s easy to understand and leaves your team with practical deliverables to help you meet your goals.

Her meticulous eye for detail ensures no cost goes unturned. Jo provides a holistic service which means she’ll be on site, boots on and in high-vis, for a complete view of your project.

Jo has a real soft spot for contract management and will happily sink her teeth into the minute detail of a hefty contract to ensure the best outcomes for her clients.

On-the-ground experience in managing major construction projects has been invaluable in her approach to cost and contract management. Her 360-degree view of a project means her negotiating skills are second to none and backed by thorough knowledge of the construction industry.

Providing practical and professional advice

Our services create clarity to make your construction project a reality.

Our approach

A Few Recent Projects

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Waterfront Underpass

Hatch Consulting’s comprehensive quantity surveying services are ensuring this development is executed successfully.

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