Lake Remediation

Huntly, New Zealand

Project Description

A former coal mine in Huntly is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a picturesque lake, which will become a major recreational development for the small Waikato town. Hatch Consulting is working behind the scenes to help shape this ambitious decade-long lake remediation project.

With a focus on long-term sustainability and commercial viability, the team at Hatch has developed a strategic plan and a budget for the future commercial use of the site. They also forecasted cash flow to ensure the smooth execution of the project. Hatch Consulting continues to manage the project with regular drawdowns for The Treasury and Escrow Agent.

By collaborating closely with all stakeholders, including the Kimihia Lake Community Charitable Trust and government agencies, and ensuring timely drawdowns and efficient use of funds, Hatch is ultimately facilitating the seamless transformation of the old Solid Energy site into a thriving recreational destination.

Project Specifications

We are immensely proud to be part of this transformative project that aims to breathe new life into the abandoned Solid Energy mine.

Jo Hatchman, Hatch Consulting Director

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